Overwatch streamer pulls off a hilarious Widowmaker bait during match

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch streamer ‘qadRaT’ managed to pull off one of the most satisfying Widowmaker baits ever seen – especially seeing as it was against a Winston.

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Winston is usually a good counter for snipers like Widow in Overwatch, as he can use his jump pack to quickly close the distance, landing on top of them to melt them down with his Tesla Cannon.

…that is, unless the Widowmaker manages to get into a spot that’s tough to get to – which is exactly what ‘qadRaT’ did.

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While attacking on Dorado, the streamer was running Widowmaker to the right of spawn, when a flanking enemy Winston spotted what appeared to be an easy pick.

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After grappling onto a nearby roof, qadRaT saw the Winston flying towards him, but it seems like their calculations were just a little off, and they fell to their death instead of taking out Widow.

After it happened, all qadRaT could do was laugh, assuring the Winston he just embarrassed that he didn’t actually see anything.

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Environmental kills are some of the most satisfying things that happen to a player in Overwatch, as long as they’re on the right side of them, and it’s extremely rare to see a Widowmaker make environmental kill at all.

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Even though ‘qadRaT’ didn’t technically knock the Winston off, he did bait them up to his position, so we’ll count this as a Widowmaker environmental kill for the streamer.

There’s sure to be plenty of impressive Widowmaker play when the Overwatch League’s Second Season gets going on February 14.