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Overwatch streamer experiences crazy visual glitch during match

Published: 6/Dec/2018 22:36 Updated: 6/Dec/2018 22:46

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch players have discovered quite a few visual glitches and bugs in the game, but none are quite as psychedelic as the glitch streamer EeveeA_ had happen during a recent stream.

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Glitches or visual bugs usually aren’t a big problem in a polished Blizzard game like Overwatch, but when they do pop up in the game they can be anywhere from hilarious to almost game-breaking.

The glitch in this clip wasn’t really game-breaking, but it would make it incredibly hard to see what’s actually going on around you.

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As Eeveea_ attacks the point with Zenyatta, spots of pink begin to appear on her screen, and when she busts out Transcendence, things become a full blown acid trip.


After following the rays from Transcendence for awhile, the magenta blobs move to cover the whole screen, making Overwatch look like some vapor wave video on YouTube.

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“This looks far worse for me than it does for you all,” Eevee_ reassured chat. “Am I really have to going to play the rest of the match like this?”

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly how long the effect stuck around based on the clip, but it seems like something that would go away once you got into a new game, if not, it might be your graphics card, not Overwatch that’s malfunctioning.