Overwatch League pro hits out at DPS players not pulling their weight - Dexerto

Overwatch League pro hits out at DPS players not pulling their weight

Published: 6/Dec/2018 20:12 Updated: 6/Dec/2018 20:16

by Bill Cooney


There’s been a lot of talk in Overwatch recently about one-tricks, or players who only pick one hero during competitive matches, no matter what; now L.A. Valiant player Scott ‘Custa’ Kennedy has explained how DPS players unwilling to switch are basically “shooting themselves in the foot.”

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Ever since former Dallas Fuel player Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned put out a video on the state of Overwatch, there has been a steady discussion about what could be done to improve the ranked play experience.

Some players have complained about one-tricks and even suggested implementing some sort of system to force players to play a certain role for a team, but Custa explains that DPS players unwilling to switch off of DPS are just as much of a problem as one-tricks.


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During a Twitch stream on December 6, Custa explained to viewers that DPS players who complained about one-tricks but were unwilling to switch off of DPS themselves are essentially the same thing they’re complaining about.

“If you’re not willing to play like Zarya in GOATs and shit like that, then your essentially a one-trick and you’re part of the problem,” he told viewers.

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“It’s like people shooting themselves in the foot, and then they’re like ‘wow, I shot myself in the foot, this life sucks,’” Custa continued. “Yeah, that’s definitely what happens when you shoot yourself in the foot!”


Custa will be on the Los Angeles Valiant’s roster going into Season Two of the Overwatch League and will face off against the new Hangzhou Spark team at 3 PM PST on Saturday, February 16, 2019.