Overwatch streamer Emongg forced to hilariously communicate for silent team-mates

Joe O'Brien
emongg mystery challenge

Overwatch streamer Jeff ‘Emongg’ Anderson had to step up his communication after his team-mates were unresponsive to his attempts to co-ordinate them.

Known for his upbeat attitude, Emongg is very much a model player in Overwatch – positive, communicative, and often willing to give up his primary heroes to fill when needed.

One such game occurred on Oasis, during which Emongg ended up playing Lúcio for his team – a hero he’s quite unfamiliar with as primarily a flex tank player.

Though not as confident in his play with the support hero, Emongg nevertheless did his best to help his team succeed, calling out his own moves and targets for the team. Unfortunately, the rest of the squad didn’t seem as interested in communicating their play.

After realizing his team weren’t going to be contributing themselves, Emongg took it upon himself to communicate on their behalf, offering multiple sides of the conversation as he attempted to co-ordinate a good fight.

Emongg’s characterization of his team-mates eventually went a little beyond merely calling out on their behalf, however. One praised Emongg’s skills, another mentioned their upcoming montage,  and the back-and-forth culminated in an imagined rant from the Tracer player, who seemed to take issue with Emongg’s positivity.

“Shut the fuck up you piece of shit! I hate your positivity, you know you’re a fucking piece of shit, you just fake it I guarantee it, you get off stream and just punch walls!”

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