Overwatch star Super flames Blizzard’s “spaghetti code” breaking Echo ult

overwatch league owl super with echoTwitter: super_OW, Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League star Matthew ‘super’ DeLisi has slammed Blizzard for adding code that was originally a mistake into Echo’s ultimate mechanic.

Echo’s controversial ability to transform herself into one of her enemies has etched the character into Overwatch history.

Officially the last hero to enter the fray, OWL star and Twitch sensation super has never really been her biggest fan. Calling the high-flying robot “the worst thing to happen” to Overwatch, it turns out his issues don’t end there.

During his November 28 stream, super slammed Blizzard for actively deciding to make an in-game error a staple part of Echo’s ultimate, which is ruining the game for other players.

overwatch echo using duplication ultimate on genji doomfist mercy tracer sigma pharahBlizzard Entertainment
Echo’s ability to duplicate other heroes makes her quite the force on the battlefield.

Super calls out Blizzard over Echo “spaghetti code”

While attempting to defend Objective B on Temple of Anubis, the enemy Echo pops her Duplication ultimate to mimic super. Eventually taking him down, he’s unable to switch off of Wrecking Ball as Echo is still duplicating him.

After letting out a frustrated “dude, Echo…” and silently seething for a moment, he went on to explain what he calls a “fun fact.”

“The reason that’s in the game is because of spaghetti code (source code that is difficult to maintain.) So instead of fixing the spaghetti code they just turned it into a mechanic… They were like, ‘wait a minute; when you copy you can’t change characters…’ So they just f**king made it a mechanic instead of fixing the code,” he said.

Concluding with an irritated “good job Blizzard,” he slammed the company for “p**sing [him] the f**k off” before quickly falling victim to the robotic heroine once more.

With the round concluding quickly after that, his chat promptly sent him playful messages telling him to “get good” and that, in order to counter Echo, “just play worse heroes.”

Whether Blizzard opt to stomp out this rogue coding in the future remains to be seen, however we hope that it gets sorted out for Overwatch 2’s release. After all, no one wants to face the wrath of super…