Overwatch “reverse” Symmetra Teleporter strategy obliterates teams on Volskaya

Symmetra teleports on volskayaBlizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player found an innovative way to use Symmetra’s Teleporter to initiate a surprise attack on defense by turning a traditional offensive strategy on its head.

Getting the first frags in an Overwatch fight can pay dividends to securing the win, gaining point progress, and building up ultimates. On defense, one failed hold can be a nightmare, so winning these fights is key.

On Volskaya Industries Point A, some teams will try to use movement abilities to sneak around the far left side and get to the objective that way. One of the most popular methods to do this is using a Symmetra Teleporter, as it can transport heroes such as Reinhardt and Orisa who would otherwise fall to their doom.

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However, one player decided to use this tactic in reverse and catch the enemy team off-guard. It ended up working amazingly well.

As you can see in the video, uploaded to Reddit by user Shade_39, the Symmetra and their team wait for the round to begin and for the enemy to advance to the choke before unleashing their secret weapon.

With the defending team’s Bastion now in the enemy backline, they were able to swiftly destroy the attackers while suffering minimal casualties.

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To be fair, this tactic worked in Quick Play and may not be as effective in higher ELOs, but there are some situations where this could be effective even in ranked.

Symmetra on Oasis.Blizzard Entertainment
Symmetra can be a huge threat when powered up.

For one, having part of your team play the choke while others take the Teleporter could be more effective, as the enemy may be wise to the strategy if the choke is unprotected.

Another solid tactic could be to only implement this in an extra rounds scenario. For instance, if the attackers only have one minute to work with and need to capture two points, taking an early fight like this could work out even better than doing it at the start of a four-minute defense.

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Of course, it all comes down to your opponents and your team’s comfort level, but if you want an early team fight win on defense, this could end up being just the strategy for you.