Overwatch: Reinhardt Jousting is an epic way to improve your charges

Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch Workshop Reinhardt Jousting mode offers an enormously fun way to practice your charges.

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The Overwatch Workshop has proven to be one of the most popular features the game has ever had, giving players the ability to create their own game modes with a huge degree of control over the rules.

The Workshop produced lots of creative game modes while in testing on the PTR, and having released to the live servers on May 21 it’s now in the hands of the entire player-base. One player has now used the mode to create a Reinhardt Jousting mode that is both fun and practical.

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There’s little more satisfying in Overwatch than pinning someone with a Reinhardt charge, and with u/LordFapHammer’s Reinhardt Jousting mode you can now play a mode in which pinning enemies is the only objective.

Blizzard EntertainmentReinhardt has been a staple of Overwatch throughout the game’s various metas.

The mode takes place in a circular arena situated above the Horizon: Lunar Colony, with red rings to mark the sides and the endless expanse of space acting as an epic backdrop to the gladiatorial battle.

Aside from the setting, the mode operates as a fairly simple free-for-all, in which multiple Reinhardts compete for victory. Naturally, charge is the only ability available, and operates on a one-second cooldown – long enough that it can’t be simply chained together, but short enough to keep the action flowing.

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Reinhardt’s health has also been reduced to 225, to guarantee that if he is pinned against the wall he is eliminated, rather than being able to survive a pin as he ordinarily would at full health.

While it’s mostly just a fun game mode, Reinhardt jousting could have some benefits for your broader skill-set with the German tank. Charge is the main ability Reinhardt can use for proactive plays, and while successful charges are largely a matter of decision-making, the ability to calculate the timing and angle needed to pin an enemy is still necessary, which this mode will help to hone.

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Those who want to try out this mode can do so by importing it with the share code PG86P.