Overwatch pros share 5v5 concerns after Overwatch 2 early playtest

Overwatch 2 gameplayBlizzard

Professional Overwatch players just had their first session with an early build of Overwatch 2 and some are already concerned about the shift down from 6v6 to 5v5 gameplay.

It’s been five months since Blizzard made the divisive announcement that Overwatch 2 is trimming team sizes down at launch. While players have grown accustomed to 6v6 lobbies over the past five years, that’s all set to change when 5v5 comes into effect.

For some, this is a welcome change that could drastically improve the state of Overwatch. For others, there’s a little more hesitation to embrace the change.

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After pondering the future of Blizzard’s FPS franchise for the better part of the year, a select group of pro players finally got to test things out for themselves.

As part of the Overwatch League 2021 Grand Finals broadcast, a special Overwatch 2 showcase was locked in for the halftime show. Here’s what the pro players had to say after their first taste of the upcoming sequel.

winston overwatch 2 changesActivision Blizzard
Overwatch 2 allegedly feels like a different game with 5v5 in effect.

Right out of the gate, players noted that it felt like something entirely “new.” Not just in terms of audiovisual upgrades, but the core fundamentals also lent to a unique “pace.”

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“It felt like Call of Duty,” Indy ‘SPACE’ Halpern of the Los Angeles Gladiators said. “The whole game is gonna be reworked, everything is gonna be new. The pace of the game is gonna change a lot.”

“It felt like playing a new game,” his Support teammate Kim ‘skewed’ Min-seok chimed in on Twitter.

However, all the fresh changes weren’t entirely positive. For skewed, it’s the flow of 5v5 that left him concerned.

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sigma overwatchActivision Blizzard
Just one Tank hero per team completely changes the role in Overwatch 2.

“It was fun at first, but the more I played, the bigger the empty space for one Tank,” skewed said.

Without double-shields or two giant targets to absorb damage and effectively control the tempo of a fight, the game wasn’t quite as ‘enjoyable,’ he explained.

“I’ve been playing 6v6 for several years, so doing 5v5 right now will of course only see the downsides. It’s hard to find as much fun as 6v6 right now.”

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Obviously, it’s worth taking these comments with a grain of salt as the pro players only had a single map to experience the new changes in action. There’s every chance with more playtime these veterans will adjust and enjoy the full experience.

“I’m just looking forward to playing more of it,” SPACE concluded.

As for when these pros and the rest of the Overwatch community will get that chance, there’s no telling for now. Overwatch 2 still appears to be in the earlier stages of development with various heroes still undergoing major reworks.

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We just saw Bastion and Sombra’s new kits for the first time, but we still have plenty of heroes that remain a mystery.

Sources have informed Dexerto that Overwatch 2 is expected to arrive in Q2 2022. Though before the public release, the next Overwatch League season is on track to start with an early build of the upcoming sequel.

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