Overwatch 2 devs explain why pros giving feedback shouldn’t worry casuals

Sam Comrie
Leaker reveals why Overwatch 2 is delayed
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Overwatch 2 isn’t quite ready for fans to dive into yet, but the devs have been implementing feedback from pro players in a bid to make the title even stronger. However, that doesn’t mean casuals need to worry.

Blizzard Entertainment’s follow-up to their 2016 smash hit Overwatch is due to drop in 2022. Poised to shake up the Esports scene once again, the vibrant hero shooter has faced various setbacks in the wake of the ongoing Activision Blizzard controversy.

In an effort to reconnect with fans of the series and bring new perspectives to the game, the developers are have opted for a more direct approach, working with professional players to gain valuable insight. However, this news shouldn’t worry casual players of the game just yet.

Overwatch 2 Brigitte
Overwatch 2 will arrive in 2022.

Learning from the best

Professional players might add a fierce edge to Overwatch’s gameplay, but the developers are insistent that their feedback won’t hinder the causal experience.

In a recent developer blog post, community manager AndyB made Blizzard’s intentions clear: “A large part of what community managers do is to try to remove the personal biases from player feedback, and then communicate what’s the root cause of player friction to designers.”

The developers are looking to “take in feedback from many diverse sources”, which will ultimately give the “designers have an understanding of how that feedback fits into the bigger picture.”

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Blizzard Entertainment
People are ready for a revamped Overwatch universe in OW2.

“Player biases are completely understandable,” said AndyB when it comes to varying opinions on how Overwatch should be tweaked.

Thankfully, it seems that the developers are keen to make Overwatch 2 a well-rounded experience, that offers gameplay for both the competitive and casual markets without any compromise to the quality of its gameplay.

Overwatch 2 currently has no release date at the time of writing, but you can keep updated with any and all developments here.