Overwatch players praise Blizzard’s first dev update since Jeff Kaplan exit

Lauren Bergin
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s ‘developer updates’ used to be a staple, but with the departure of Jeff Kaplan the future of the iconic videos was in jeopardy. However, turns out that’s not the case and fans are loving the new style of Overwatch dev update.

Jeff Kaplan’s resignation sent ripples through the Overwatch community, but one of the things fans lamented the most was that there wouldn’t be any more of his iconic developer update videos.

Despite new Overwatch Director Aaron Keller promising that he would keep in touch with the title’s dedicated fanbase in some form, many remained skeptical that dev updates would be making a return anytime soon.

Turns out, though, that Keller has more than delivered on his promise of open communication, and Overwatch fans are loving it.

Blizzard Entertainment
Aaron Keller is Overwatch’s new director, and he’s following in the footsteps of his predecessor.

May 11 Overwatch 2 Dev Update

May 11 saw the first Overwatch 2 developer update since Blizzconline, but this time it starred Aaron Keller instead of Jeff Kaplan.

Urging fans to check out the Overwatch 2 PvP livestream on May 20, the short video promises that the livestream will be worth the watch.

However, aside from these tiny snippets of exciting new information, it’s the first time that the Overwatch community has really seen Keller in action, and they’re loving him.

Overwatch fans love Aaron Keller

While many have been hesitant to embrace Keller in place of Kaplan, the comments on this YouTube video are awash with positivity.

One fan writes “lets all give lots of love to our new Game Director Aaron,” and another asks players to “show lots of love to Aaron.”

Possibly the most hard hitting comments are the ones that say that they “trust this guy,” with another respondent writing “I trust Aaron, dude’s been at Blizzard almost as long as I’ve been alive and he designed Kings Row, like cmon, man’s got talent.”

Finally, fans are just super thankful to have received this update, and it shows with the hundreds of comments stating “thanks for the update.”

So, it’ll be exciting to see if there’s any more updates in the future, but given the excitement that this one caused it can be assumed there probably will be. Sure, it’s not Jeff from the Overwatch team, but it’s Aaron instead, and he’s ready to go.