Overwatch players left outraged after Blizzard confirms 2020 MVP skin will be the last

Overwatch League Fleta MVP skinBlizzard

With the arrival of Byung-sun ‘Fleta’ Kim’s Overwatch League MVP skin for Echo, Blizzard announced that it is the final skin of its kind to ever be released. While some are accepting of this decision, others have been left fuming.

When the Overwatch League kicked off in 2018, Blizzard announced plans for something truly unique. With each passing season, one player who shined brighter than the rest would have their efforts commemorated with a special MVP skin in-game.

New York Excelsior’s Sung-hyeon ‘JJoNak’ Bang was the first with his very own Zen-Nakji Zenyatta skin. Since then, two others have had their own unique ideas added into Overwatch. However, this trend has now reached its end.

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Upon the reveal of Fleta’s Echo skin for his 2020 MVP award, the developers shocked everyone: “This is the last time a skin will be made for the Overwatch League MVP,” they explained in the March 23 blog post.

While no further context was provided to explain the decision, recent controversy surrounding former OWL MVP Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won, could have played a big role. The former Overwatch pro was recently accused of sexual abuse by a former girlfriend.

In light of this controversy, Blizzard quickly moved to change his MVP Zarya skin. Not only were refunds offered, but the actual design itself was tweaked as well.

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With Fleta’s ‘Good vs. Evil’ Echo skin now serving as the final OWL MVP design, fans have been torn on the announcement. 

Overwatch League Fleta skinBlizzard
Fleta’s Echo skin will be the final MVP design in Overwatch.

“It really is unbelievable,” Redditor ‘BarstMain’ said. “It feels like something everyone in the community absolutely loves and it’s mind-boggling they’d axe it.”

“Really hope they go back on this decision, the MVP skins are some of the best we have gotten,” another player chimed in. “Imagine how scammed the next MVP is gonna feel.”

Meanwhile, others were more understanding. “Can you blame them?” one player asked. “As a business, it makes total sense to not risk that again.”

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While the 2021 season is yet to kickoff, whoever is crowned MVP by the end of the year will be the first to go without their own skin.

Only time will tell if Blizzard will go back on this decision in the coming years. Perhaps with the release of Overwatch 2, there might be a new way of commemorating MVPs.

In the meantime, here’s how you can grab the final OWL skin before it’s gone.