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Overwatch players have a big problem with Archives event already

Published: 5/Apr/2021 12:12

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch Archives comes around every year, but this year fans aren’t exactly overwhelmed by the announcement. 

There’s several events that Overwatch fans everywhere have marked on their calendar ever year, and Archives is one of them.

With the event dropping in-game on April 6, Archives is a blast from the past that lets players pick up a whole host of skins from the game’s extensive timeline and usually throws in some surprises, as well.

Blizzard’s news has left fans out in the cold a little, though, with many struggling to find any new content in the first trailer.


Fans slam “stale” Overwatch Archives 2021

Blizzard Entertainment
Pharah’s Archives skin looks pretty cool, but the 2021 event isn’t quite in the same league.

A brief glance at the comments proves that a lot of fans really aren’t too hyped about this event, as nothing new was actually confirmed.

After they posted: “Prepare to experience the past while fighting for the future,” some fans have suggested that it’s all getting a bit repetitive.

The top response has close to 1.4k likes, and launches a pretty scathing criticism against both the event and Blizzard. They posted: “Thank you for making every single one of my friends quit your game by neglecting it.”

This is echoed by another fan, who notes that they “used to love this game. Now it’s gotten stale.”


Are there any new skins?

McCree Overwatch Deadlock
Blizzard Entertainment
Fans are ready to rebel against the Archives event.

Another issue with the 2021 rendition of the event is the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any more skins appearing in-game.

The trailer showed us a host of skins that are already available, but there seems to be nothing new coming this time around. A response with 1.4k likes simply writes “please let there be more content.”

While the Archives event has gone down like a lead balloon, in some circles, you can still cop some of the event’s specific skins while it’s in-game. Ever fancied grabbing Talon Widowmaker or Blackwatch Genji? At least you can grab them now.