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Tricky Overwatch Volskaya sniper spots enemies will never see coming

Published: 9/Nov/2020 0:59

by Bill Cooney


Volskaya might be one of the original Overwatch maps, but there are still a few spots that will catch enemies off guard if you have the sniping skills to make them work.

As far as Overwatch levels go, Volskaya might be one of the least-hated control point maps, and yes, we mean that as a compliment.

Over the years players have discovered and created all kinds of strategies and spots on the map to make attacking or defending both points even easier, including a number of sneaky sniper spots.

Some neat angles in Volskaya. from Overwatch

Of course, listing every single spot you can post up as Widow or Ashe would take forever, and we don’t have that kind of time. So instead, we’ll focus on the ones shown in the convenient clip above.


First up we have a very nice perch just outside of the first spawn, on a ledge of the tall red building off to the right as you head towards the point. Getting up there is pretty simple, all you have to do is grapple up and balance on the edge, which gives you a commanding view of the high ground around A.

If you’ve ever gone up against a Torbjorn or Bastion who just won’t be dislodged from this spot, then the value of this angle should be apparent almost immediately. Ashe could also potentially make her way up here, though it would involve much more trial and error than Widow.


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Widow’s grapple gives her more mobility than most heroes, but she’s not the only one who can reach these points.

On the defensive side of things, you’re actually able to walk up the angled parts of the platform around point B, which lets you look right down the main avenue of attack.

There’s also another angle just across from it, providing an even wider view, though again, Ashe and other heroes would have a harder time getting there than Widow.

Finally, the last spot can potentially be used for both offense and defense, though only the latter is shown in the clip. If you go to the angled indent on the wall just after Point A, you can grapple up and have a free shot at the attacking spawn.


Like we mentioned this is nowhere near an end-all, be-all guide to the best Widowmaker spots, but it’s a good start if you want to add some swagger to your sniping.