Overwatch players already think Baptiste’s Immortality Field is broken - Dexerto

Overwatch players already think Baptiste’s Immortality Field is broken

Published: 28/Feb/2019 1:10 Updated: 28/Feb/2019 1:27

by Bill Cooney


Ever since Baptiste went live on the Overwatch PTR, players have been trying to figure out the ins and outs of the new heroes kit, and his Immortality field has already gotten a lot of attention.

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Immortality field is one Baptiste’s basic abilities and when deployed, it sends out a drone that keeps allies from dying if they remain in the drone’s aura.

It’s undoubtedly a powerful ability, Overwatch streamer Seagull showed it could basically counter an Ana grenade. But some players think the ability is a bit too overpowered.

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Since Baptiste hit the PTR, there have been multiple players posting videos of themselves deploying the Immortality Field’s drone underneath the payload, where it then deploys.


At first glance, it does look like the aura of the Immortality Field is deployed around the payload, and the field’s drone is very well protected from attack.

But, the Immortality Field depends on line of sight for it’s protection to take effect, so if players can’t see the drone, it isn’t protecting them.

Fix this before it get live PLEASE from r/Overwatch

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If there’s a fight happening right on top of the payload and stalling it, the Immortality Field wouldn’t be instantly destroyed. But the field would still have a hard time of effectively protecting Baptiste’s team.

Maybe Blizzard will try to ‘fix’ this, but it probably won’t be high on the priority list based on how unlikely it would be for this to naturally occur during a regular match.