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Overwatch player snags a 3v3 win with sneaky Reaper play

Published: 20/Nov/2018 19:16 Updated: 20/Nov/2018 19:45

by Bill Cooney


After getting knocked off the map during a 3v3 match, one Overwatch player using Reaper managed to teleport back and somehow take the round for his team.

The clip, posted to the Overwatch subreddit by the appropriately-named user reaperofsouls244, starts out with Reaper making the mistake of putting himself between the enemy Lucio and the edge of the map, AKA prime booping territory.

Like any Lucio worth his salt, he sends Reaper flying to what should be an environmental kill, but somehow Reaper is able to survive on a cliffside ledge.  

After working out how they lived, Reaper teleports back on to the map to find the Lucio standing still, obviously confused.


Without wasting a second, Reaper takes out Lucio and ties the match up for his team after a crazy comeback round. 

Suprise! from r/Overwatch

That poor Lucio did almost everything right, except for waiting by the ledge to make sure he got the kill, if he did that he could have just booped the Reaper off a second time.

You do have to give the Reaper player credit for not giving up, and managing to find a way to get back up on the map to grind out the win.