Overwatch player shows new hero Ashe is a great counter to Doomfist

Blizzard Entertainment

It looks like Ashe could be the Doomfist counter Overwatch players have been waiting for.

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Doomfist’s recent ascent to become one of the most prevalent heroes in Overwatch has made him the target of some ire among many players.

During a meta in which excessive crowd control already draws plenty of criticism from fans, Doomfist’s combination of movement abilities and knock-backs can make him frustrating to deal with.

The issues are compounded by the fact that Doomfist doesn’t have an obvious direct counter. Though there are some support heroes that can help keep him away from the team, it can be difficult for many of the DPS characters to go head-to-head with him in direct fights.

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Fortunately for players frustrated by enemy Doomfists, the latest addition to the Overwatch roster might offer a solution.

Blizzard EntertainmentAshe’s Coach Gun fires a powerful knock-back

Ashe’s Coach Gun is the perfect tool for creating distance between the player and a target, not only knocking the enemy back but also propelling Ashe herself backwards as well.

As u/skrobdizzles demonstrated, well-timed use of the Coach Gun can leave an attacking Doomfist practically helpless.

While playing on Ilios, u/skrobdizzles found themselves the target of the enemy Doomfist, who attempted to pounce with a Seismic Slam. Thanks to quick reactions and good aim by the Ashe, however, the attack was neutralized.

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Doomfist was sent back into the air, unable to take another action until the Seismic Slam completed. By the time he hit the ground, u/skrobdizzles had done enough damage to clean up an easy kill.

via Gfycat

Naturally, pulling off this kind of counter-play requires some skill, but players who find themselves perpetually frustrated by Doomfist would certainly do well to start practicing with the newest hero.