Overwatch Player Finds Hilarious Widowmaker Basketball Glitch

Joe O'Brien

An Overwatch player discovered a hilarious glitch while playing with the basketballs in the spawn room.

MMOsiris’s Widowmaker was launched across Nepal after teaming up with a Brigitte to send one of the balls flying after connecting to it with the grappling hook.

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The basketballs can be found in the carrier ships that form many of the spawn rooms in Overwatch, such as those on Nepal, Ilios, and Lijiang Tower. With baskets to aim for they offer a small mini-game to play while waiting for the doors to open and the real game to start.

Through a mixture of creativity and luck, players have been able to pull off some fairly spectacular shots with the balls, but such tricks have generally been confined to the spawn rooms. With a coordinated effort from Widowmaker and new hero Brigitte, however, it seems the basketballs can be used with a much bigger scope.

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By using Brigitte’s Whip Shot ability, which has a knock-back effect, the ball can be flung an incredibly long distance after the doors open. It turns out that if Widowmaker grapples onto the ball just before this happens, however, she’s dragged across the map with it.

Unfortunately for MMOsiris, the result of this on Nepal was a premature death after being dragged off the map.

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Though the glitch is entertaining in itself, it does prompt theories of its practical applications – could this be used to get to the point more quickly, or attain a vantage for an opening pick? While it seems likely to remain nothing more than an amusing trick, it’s certainly fun to speculate.