Obscure tips and tricks for every Overwatch hero

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch YouTuber KarQ and Dallas Fuel coach Jayne have provided an explanation of some of the more obscure hero tips and tricks in the game.

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While mastering the basics is the best way to improve as a player, Overwatch has enough nuances and complexities between all the different heroes and abilities that it’s also possible to build up a repertoire of clever tricks that other players might not be expecting, and thereby gain a slight edge.

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Overwatch YouTuber KarQ brought in Dallas Fuel coach and popular streamer Jayne to go over some of the more obscure interactions and strategies for each of the game’s heroes.

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As Jayne highlights, they’re not all the most obscure trick possible, but rather the tricks that are obscure but still have enough use to be worth knowing.

Some of the tips are simply reminders of some of the less obvious elements of particular heroes’ kits – for instance, Sombra’s Translocator actually acts as a “cleanse”, removing any movement effects or other impairments like the anti-healing debuff inflicted by Ana’s Biotic Grenade, or the burn from Ashe’s Dynamite.

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Blizzard EntertainmentSombra’s Translocator acts as a “cleanse”, removing negative effects.
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For other heroes, there are quirks of how ability interactions work that most players might not be aware of. For example, D.Va can hit two melee attacks in quick succession if timed properly with her rocket boosters. Widowmaker can also use her Venom Mine as a barrier when dueling her opposite number – by placing it in front of her head, she will be able to shoot through, but the enemy will hit the mine.

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Meanwhile, some hero tips are simply about using existing abilities or techniques in more effective ways. Zarya’s rocket-jump, for instance, is always a faster means of returning from a respawn than simply running. Hanzo’s Lunge can be used to fast-peak an enemy Widowmaker, making it almost impossible for the Widowmaker to hit the shot and giving Hanzo an advantage in a head-to-head he would usually be outmatched in at range.

Obviously, many of these tips are quite situational, . It’s worth knowing them, however, not only to be aware of what your own hero might be capable of, but also what the enemies could potentially do.

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