Overwatch might bring limited-time skins back soon

Nick Farrell
owl bringing back skins

There is no worse feeling than losing the opportunity to pick up a limited-time skin, but a new Overwatch developer AMA has hinted at the possibility of some special skins returning in the near future.

Cosmetic items have been all the rave in many games as of late. They are highly desirable among players, and developers have been releasing some truly stellar ones in recent years. Overwatch is one of these titles that has released beautiful character skins as a part of their game.

However, some of these skins are reserved for exclusive events such as Christmas, Halloween, or the annual Overwatch League All-Stars event. Now, a new answer in a developer AMA has alluded to the possibility of some limited-time skins returning soon.

owl skins
The All-Stars Mercy and Lucio skins are among some of the best

Developer AMA

On May 24th, 2021, some of the developers behind Overwatch held a “ask me anything,” or AMA, over on the official Overwatch Reddit page. Fans asked a ton of questions, but one asked by user Shadiochao caught our eye.

In short, they were wondering if devs would ever consider bringing back skins from limited-time events or collaborations, due to the fact that some players were not available to earn these skins and they seem to be in high demand lately. Some players have also switched platforms from console to PC or vice versa, and thus have lost all their skins.

J-specs on Reddit, better known as Overwatch League Vice President Jon Spector, responded to this question and has noted the following:

On the League store side of things, we are considering bringing back some of the Overwatch League skins from years past. Personally, I’m missing the Atlantic All-Star Mercy skin and want that 🙂

owl all star skins
All-Star skins have been an annual tradition of the Overwatch League

For those out of the loop, every year there is an All-Stars event for the Overwatch League. This is usually held for both North America and Asia, and during the 2020 event, there was a total of $225,000 USD up for grabs.

But, if you are simply a casual player within Overwatch, then one of the best aspects of these events is the All-Star skins they release to go hand-in-hand with the event. It is unknown what skins we are going to see each year, but the ones they have released previously have all been stellar.

Bringing back certain skins is something Overwatch has done in the past, as during the yearly anniversary event, players are able to buy skins from every holiday event that has occurred previously. However, they are not able to purchase or earn All-Star skins from the Overwatch League or ones that required certain achievements at the time of their release.

all star skins
2020’s All-Star skins featured Reinhardt and D.Va

So, we will have to wait and see if they release these skins back into the game anytime soon. Hopefully they do, as there are some fantastic skins we would love to snag!

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