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Overwatch and Mario Party cross over in crazy Nintendo Workshop mode

Published: 12/Oct/2019 18:29 Updated: 12/Oct/2019 19:02

by Brent Koepp


The Overwatch community has re-created the infamous Nintendo party game in the hero shooter using the Workshop Mode, and it’s as fun as it sounds.

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Overwatch’s Workshop Mode released in April of this year, and fans have already made some incredible creations. From a Super Smash Bros mode, to a hilarious dodgeball game featuring Sigma, their imagination knows no bounds.

However two dedicated members of the community mindblowingly re-created the beloved Nintendo party franchise ‘Super Mario Party’ in the game’s creation mode, and unveiled it with an amazing trailer.

NintendoThe beloved Nintendo party franchise first came out in 1998 for the N64.
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Super Torbjörn Party

The Nintendo party game mode was made by creators ‘Phasmite’ and ‘Kevlar’ and uses the damage-per-second hero Torbjörn. In a trailer they uploaded to Reddit on October 12, the Workshop Mode brings the board game to Overwatch.


Players will find themselves moving around the ‘Ayutthaya’ map on select spaces, after hitting a die to determine the number of moves they have. The mode has ‘stars’ that you can collect, and that players will fight over to win.

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The community creation even has mini-games, which is the most iconic part of the Nintendo franchise. They’re so popular that the Japanese developer released an entire game just around them called ‘Mario Party: The Top 100’ in 2017.

In the trailer, one of the games shown sees four Torbjörns in bubbles trying to knock the other out of bounds, though the creators promise ‘various’ mini-games in future updates.


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What is most impressive about this mode is the amount of details the creation gets right to simulate the party game’s systems, such as allowing players to purchase stars, or earn them for their performance.

The creators even went to great length to remake the character screen, which shows the player’s character earning enough to buy the stars, as they look to get ahead of their friends in the competition.

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If you’d like to give the Nintendo-themed Overwatch Workshop mode a try with your friends, you can do so with code ‘1XSGZ‘.


We just can’t promise you’ll have any friends left at the end of it – we all know just how much Mario Party can test relationships.