Overwatch League pro’s console Reinhardt gameplay leads to epic fail

Michael Gwilliam

Dong-gyu ‘Mano’ Kim is regarded as one of the elite tanks in the Overwatch League for his Winston and Reinhardt play on the New York Excelsior, but you wouldn’t think so based off his PlayStation performance. 

The New York Excelsior even poked fun of their main tank in an Instagram post comparing his skill on PC to console.

In the post titled “When pros play Overwatch on PS4”, the screen is split into two sections: expectations and reality. First, the expectations video starts playing showcasing Mano’s stellar performance against the LA Gladiators. 

Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentMano is a South Korean Overwatch pro.

In the clip, the Reinhardt player shows his dominance by landing a massive multi-man EarthShatter ultimate on Temple of Anubis leading to five kills onto the LA side by New York.

However, the other clip then starts playing and reality sinks in. While on Volskaya Industries, Mano takes a bizarre Reinhardt angle on top of one of the moving platforms near B and charges in. 

At the same time, an enemy D.va player uses her Self-Destruct ultimate and picks up a five-man kill which claimed Mano in the process. If only he had been there to protect his team with a shield.

Mano and his teammates’ reaction to the poor display is amusing too, with the trip laughing at the wacky turn of events. “That was really a charge? I’m surprised five died to this,” they chuckled.

Console Overwatch, despite being overshadowed by PC, does have a fairly active player base on PS4 and Xbox One with a Nintendo Switch version coming October 15.

Blizzard EntertainmentReinhardt is considered a “main tank”.

The main tank player helped his team go as far as a third place finish in the Overwatch League playoffs. The NYXL was a map win away from advancing to the Grand Finals in Philadelphia but suffered a defeat at the hands of the Vancouver Titans in the winners finals. 

In the losers finals, the New York all-Korean squad would be swept by the San Francisco Shock who did not lose a single match since being dropped into the losers bracket following a bizarre C9 against the Atlanta Reign.

The Overwatch League Grand Finals are set for September 29.

As for Mano, the next time we should see him in action is at the Overwatch World Cup at Blizzcon where South Korea will be looking for their fourth straight title.