Overwatch: Atlanta Reign win huge upset after SF Shock 'C9' at OWL Playoffs

The Atlanta Reign secured a surprising victory over the San Francisco Shock in the Overwatch League Playoffs as one of the event favorites decided to pay tribute to the infamous C9. 

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When it comes to losing a game of Overwatch, plenty of things can go wrong and cause a defeat – especially when it’s in the Overwatch League and everyone is a talented player at the peak of their powers. 

However, there is no substitute for committing a C9 – where you, somehow, don’t sit on the point during a defensive stand in an Escort game and allow your opponents to win by default. That cruel and embarrassing fate fell upon the San Francisco Shock as they took on the Atlanta Reign. 

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Robert Paul/Blizzard EntertainmentThe Reign caused a stunning upset against the Shock.

With their game of Escort on Rialto tied at 2-2, and with the Reign on offense, the Shock were left to defend a tiny chokehold while under extreme pressure from their opponents. Members of the shock were on the point, holding back the Reign push until BayBay secured a kill on Smurf and there was no one else left sat on the point.

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The remaining members of the Shock didn’t hop on the point and stayed just off to the side, allowing the Reign to get those vital few meters into the target zone, securing the upset victory with a classic C9.

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The victory sparked wild celebrations from the Reign players, as they immediately threw off their headsets, jumped up, and begun bouncing around the stage. 

Yet, even during the Reign’s celebrations, the casters were left to try and figure out how exactly the victory had happened. They broke out the top-down view of the final engagement and couldn’t understand why nobody from the Shock jumped on the point in such a vital moment.

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Despite their defeat, the Shock has to quickly regain and prepare to dive back into playoff action as they take on the London Spitfire in their final Week 2 match-up. 

The Reign, however, will be looking to use their new-found momentum to cause another upset as they do battle with the New York Excelsior – as everyone attempts to make it to the Grand Finals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 29.