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How to watch Overwatch League Season 2 playoffs – Streams, schedule, results

Published: 1/Sep/2019 15:38 Updated: 26/Sep/2019 12:28

by Calum Patterson


The stage is set for the Season 2 playoffs for the Overwatch League, as eight teams have secured their spots to compete for the whopping $3.5 million prize pool following the conclusion of the regular season and the play-in tournament.

$1.1 million is on the line for the first-place winners, and the playoffs will convene with the grand finals in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center on September 29th.

The Philadelphia Fusion’s dream of a grand finals in front of the home crowd ended early, when they fell to the Shanghai Dragons in the first round of the play-in tournament. London Spitfire and Seoul Dynasty both emerged victorious in that tournament to qualify for the playoffs main event.

They join division champions NY Excelsior and Vancouver Titans, as well as the four other teams with the best records in the San Francisco Shock, Hangzhou Spark, LA Gladiators, and Atlanta Reign, in the playoffs of season two.

Overwatch League Playoffs stream

The OWL Season 2 Playoffs will be streamed live on the Overwatch League Twitch channel, starting on September 5th. You can watch the stream below.

Selected matches will also be broadcasted on ESPN and Disney’s XD channel.

Watch live video from OverwatchLeague on

Overwatch League Playoffs format

The Overwatch League playoffs use a double-elimination bracket format, meaning a loss doesn’t eliminate a team right away, it just sends them down to the losers bracket. The first round matchups are seeded based on regular season record, so for example, the top-seeded 25-3 Vancouver Titans will play the lowest seed 15-13 Seoul Dynasty in the first round. 

Both the Atlanta Reign and the London Spitfire finished with 16-12 records, but London had to play through the play-in because Atlanta had a better map differential. Atlanta will also go into the playoffs with a higher seed.

Unlike the four-map match used in the regular season, all playoff matches will be a best-of-seven. The higher seed will pick the first map for every series, and each following map is picked by whoever just lost the previous map, (if you lose a map, you pick the next one). Whichever team doesn’t pick the map, gets to pick whether they attack or defend first.

Each map will be played only once per series. A notable exception to this rule happened during the Shanghai-Philly series in the recent Play-in tournament, when due to a game issue, the Numbani map was made unavailable. The league consulted with both teams, and the Fusion were allowed to select King’s Row a second time.

Overwatch League Playoffs schedule

September 5

*BST times cross into September 6

Round Match PST EST BST*
Quarterfinals (Winners’ Round 1) Vancouver Titans 4 – 2 Seoul Dynasty 4PM 6PM 12AM
Quarterfinals (Winners’ Round 1) Hangzhou Spark 3 – 4 LA Gladiators 7PM 9PM 3AM

September 6

*BST times cross into September 7

Round Match PST EST BST*
Quarterfinals (Winners’ Round 1) NY Excelsior 4 – 1 London Spitfire 4PM 7PM 12AM
Quarterfinals (Winners’ Round 1) SF Shock 3 – 4 Atlanta Reign 7PM 10PM 3AM

September 7

*BST times cross into September 8

Round Match PST EST BST*
Losers’ Round 1 Seoul Dynasty 1 – 4 Hangzhou Spark 6PM 9PM 2AM
Losers’ Round 1 London Spitfire 0 – 4 San Francisco Shock 9PM 12AM 5AM

September 8

Round Match PST EST BST
Semifinals (Winners’ Round 2) Vancouver Titans 4 – 2 LA Gladiators 12PM 3PM 8PM
Semifinals (Winners’ Round 2) NY Excelsior 4 – 2 Atlanta Reign 3PM 6PM 11PM

September 12

*BST times cross into September 13

Round Match PST EST BST*
Losers’ Round 2 Atlanta Reign 0 – 4 Hangzhou Spark 4PM 7PM 12AM
Losers’ Round 2 LA Gladiators 0 – 4 San Francisco Shock 7PM 10PM 3AM

September 13

*BST times cross into September 14

Round Match PST EST BST
Winners’ Finals Vancouver Titans 4 – 3 NY Excelsior 4PM 7PM 12AM

September 14

Round Match PST EST BST
Losers’ Round 3 Hangzhou Spark 0 – 4 San Francisco Shock 12PM 3PM 8PM

September 15

Round Match PST EST BST
Losers’ Finals NY Excelsior 0 – 4 San Francisco Shock 12PM 3PM 8PM

September 29

Round Match PST EST BST
Grand Finals Vancouver Titans vs San Francisco Shock 12PM 3PM 8PM

Overwatch League Playoffs rosters

Team Players
Vancouver Titans DPS: Haksal, Hooreg, Stitch
Tank: JJANU, Bumper, TiZi
Healer: Rapel, SLIME, Twilight
Flex: SeoMinSoo
New York Excelsior DPS: Saebyeolbe, Libero, Pine, Fl0w3r, Nenne
Tank: MekO, Mano
Healer: JJoNak, ANAMO
San Francisco Shock DPS: Architect, sinatraa, Rascal, Striker
Tank: ChoiHyoBin, Nevix, super, smurf
Healer: moth, Viol2t
Hangzhou Spark DPS: Adora, Bazzi, GodsB, Krystal
Tank: Ria, guxue, NoSmite
Healer: Bebe, iDK, Revenge
Los Angeles Gladiators DPS: Surefour, Decay
Tank: Void, rOar, Panker
Healer: BigGoose, Shaz, Ripa
Flex: Hydration
Atlanta Reign DPS: babybay, Erster, NLaaeR
Tank: DACO, frd, Gator, Pokpo
Healer: Masaa, Dogman, FunnyAstro
London Spitfire DPS: birdring, Profit, Guard
Tank: Fury, Gesture
Healer: Bdosin, NUS, Krillin, Quatermain
Seoul Dynasty DPS: FITS, Fleta, ILLICIT
Tank: Michelle, zunba, Marve1
Healer: Jecse, tobi, ryujehong, Highly

Overwatch League Playoffs talent list

Chris Puckett Desk Analyst
Malik Forté Desk Analyst
Josh ‘Sideshow’ Wilkinson Desk Analyst
Brennon ‘Bren’ Hook Desk Analyst
Soe Gschwind-Penski Desk Analyst
Christopher ‘Montecristo’ Mykles Caster
Erik ‘DoA’ Lonnquist Caster
Mitch ‘Uber’ Leslie Caster
Matt ‘MrX’ Morello Caster
Auguste ‘Semmler’ Massonnat Caster
Robert ‘Hexagrams’ Kirkbride Caster
Wolf ‘Wolf’ Schröder Caster
Seth ‘Achilios’ King Caster
Danny Lim Insider/Interviewer
Emily Tang Insider/Interviewer
Mica Burton Insider/Interviewer

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Overwatch players discover Reinhardt is “broken” with new hammer buff

Published: 4/Dec/2020 23:18

by Michael Gwilliam


A new buff to Reinhardt on the Overwatch Experimental Card may be a bit too strong after players did some testing with his hammer.

The December 3 Overwatch patch brought in some big changes to three different heroes with Baptiste getting a nerf to Immorality Field, D.Va’s health getting reconfigured and Reinhardt seeing an increase to his hammer swing damage.

With his swing damage improved from 75 damage to 85, these has opened up some new damage breakpoints when factoring in Mercy and Zenyatta damage boosts.

The key thing to keep in mind with most Overwatch buffs is how they are influenced by other modifiers. With most heroes being at 200 HP, the sooner your damage can exceed that, the better.

Reinhardt on Hollywood
Blizzard Entertainment
Reinhardt’s damage got a nice buff.

In the case of Reinhardt, his damage increase from 75 to 85 may not seem too insane until you start to factor in damage boosts. Mercy’s damage boost amplifies a hero’s attacks by 30% while Zenyatta’s Discord Orb makes it so any hero who is discorded takes 30% extra damage.

Previously, with 75 damage, one swing by Reinhardt while damage boosted or attacking a discorded target would deal 97.5. Now, however, when factoring in the 10 additional damage, that number becomes 110.5.

All it takes now is just two swings onto a 200 HP hero for Reinhardt to delete them, making the buff extra strong when he’s paired with a Mercy or Zenyatta.

Plus, there are a couple of extra elements to factor in. Reinhardt’s hammer deals cleave damage, which means that he can hit multiple enemies with a single blow. If he’s damage boosted by Mercy, he could take down teams with ease.

Not only that, but the Experimental patch also gave Reinhardt 50 extra health, meaning he has a bit more room to swing and live to tell the tale. This doesn’t even include the additional ultimate charge he will generate by doing more damage.

As you can see in the short clip, with the boost, Reinhardt can delete the 200 HP practice range bot in just one second, prompting Jon to caption the video: “Rein is broken.”

Reinhardt holds shield up
Blizzard Entertainment
Reinhardt is a much more deadly tank with these buffs.

Others agreed. “Buffing Rein and D.Va when they don’t need it instead of nerfing overpowered heroes isn’t good man,” a user replied.

“I don’t think this is the answer we are looking for but I guess it’s better than what we got?” Florida Mayhem content creator Samito further chimed in referring to the state of the meta.

It will be interesting to see what the devs decide to do with these Reinhardt buffs and if they make it through to the live game after the experimental period ends.