Overwatch League Player annihilates enemy team as Widowmaker during Twitch stream

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

These snipes by Overwatch League player André ‘iddqd’ Dahlström during a recent Twitch stream shows how a dominant Widowmaker can really carry her team on attack.

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Attacking on Volskaya, iddqd grapples with Widow from on top of the building just before the first chokepoint to tag the enemy Doomfist, before sending one straight through the forehead of the opposing Hanzo.

After that, he scares off the other team’s Ana and finishes off the Doomfist before turning his attention to the enemy tank line engaging his team.

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Next, it’s the Zarya’s turn to fall after two quick and accurate headshots before a heroic Lucio hurdles towards iddqd’s position in an attempt to stop the madness, but it’s all in vain as the froggy DJ gets cut down mid-leap.

Iddqd played for the San Francisco Shock in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League and the opposing team just doesn’t seem to be ready for their encounter with a top-ranked player.

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Like most other Overwatch League players, iddqd has plenty of time to stream and rack up impressive plays like this one during the league’s offseason break.

Iddqd was released from the Shock earlier in the offseason and It’s not known yet where he’ll end up before the start of Overwatch League Season 2.