Overwatch League casters roast Florida Mayhem with brutal ‘letter from the past’

Bill Cooney

The Florida Mayhem didn’t play a match on Friday, June 14, but that didn’t stop the Overwatch League desk from roasting the team’s bumpy year so far.

Florida, at the time of writing, sits in last place in the overall Overwatch League standings, with a disappointing 1-14 record so far in Season Two.

Over the last year, the Mayhem have transitioned to an all-Korean player roster (something their owner claimed would never happen) and let go of most of their fan-favorite players from the Inaugural Season.

The changes probably wouldn’t matter that much to fans as long as the team are able to win, but so far, they haven’t been able to find a rhythm – which means the memes aren’t going anywhere.

Stop! Stop! They’re already dead

During the Watchpoint portion of the Overwatch League broadcast on June 14, desk host Josh ‘Sideshow’ Wilkinson announced he had found an old letter from the 2018 Mayhem “in an abandoned bus in Florida.”

“It’s from the past version of the Florida Mayhem to their future self,” Sideshow said before beginning the letter. “Dear future Florida Mayhem, we gotta be honest, it wasn’t the greatest first season.”

“Only seven wins, but hey, at least we’ll never have less wins than the Shanghai Dragons (9-7 in 2019), am I right?” the letter read. “Pumped for Season Two, Cwoosh already has some sweet walkouts planned for us.”

“Sayaplayers Widow is so sick, I think next season we’ll just play Widow on every single map,” he added with a GOATs-induced groan. “Looking forward to evolving, but one things for sure: we will not be fielding an all-Korean roster.”

As he was finishing the letter, all Sideshow could do was grimace and wait for the angry Mayhem fans to start filling up his DMs.

What’s going on in Overwatch League?

The League is well into Stage 3 at the time of writing and, as previously mentioned, Florida is unfortunately at the very bottom of the table this season.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Vancouver Titans still have to lose a regular season match, with their only loss coming in the Stage 2 Finals from the Shock.

At this point, Season Two is looking like a rebuilding year for The Mayhem, which is disappointing for fans who were hoping for at least a little improvement from the Inaugural Season.