Genius Superhot-inspired Overwatch Workshop mode is perfect Tracer practice

Connor Bennett

One ingenious Overwatch fan has crafted a brand new Workshop mode that takes the popular game ‘Superhot’ and gives it a Tracer-based overhaul.

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The Overwatch Workshop was released by Blizzard into the PTR (Public Test Realm) back in April before a full release to all players on May 21. Its addition has given the most creative fans the tools to run wild and create a ton of fun in-game content.

Some have taken the tools and created new heroes,Dota 2 – and put a completely new spin on them.

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Blizzard EntertainmentPlaying as Tracer gives Overwatch fans the Superhot abilities in this Workshop mode.

Thanks to PuppetSquid, that has now also happened with Superhot as Overwatch players can assume the role of a time-shifting character with the new creation.

In PuppetSquid’s mode, which has been given the name Accelerator, players battle for control of Tracer – who has the Superhot-like ability to control time. When the Tracer player moves, time moves and the game rolls on. However, it isn’t just a case of one player assumes the role for the game – oh no.

The other players in the match have to hunt down the Tracer and kill them off. Any player who secures the final blow will then become the new Tracer and look to run riot with their new abilities. While it may seem like a mode perfect for killing other players and going one-on-one with Tracer, that can’t happen as the hunting party are unable to damage each other.

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Yet, that doesn’t mean they can’t affect each other in some way. According to PuppetSquid, the non-Tracer players are able to hinder each other without killing one another so there is room for trolling.

As ever, if you want to try your hand at the interesting new creation then you’re going to need the current workshop code, which is: DKMEA.

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