Overwatch League team mocked for “wall of shame” highlight reel of missed shots

dragons tracer and zenyattaOverwatch League

The Overwatch League’s Shanghai Dragons are being mocked after uploading “highlight reels” filled with missed shots and boring gameplay.

As teams head into the OWL Play-ins and Playoffs this month, the Dragons posted a series of videos highlighting their players’ performances in the Summer Stage Knockouts that are leaving fans baffled.

On September 5, Shanghai uploaded videos of Kim ‘Ir1s’ Seung-hyun, Koo ‘Fate’ Pan-seung and Kang ‘Gangnamjin’ Nam-jin and the clips were quickly bashed for the quality of gameplay.

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All of the clips were taken from the Midtown map and featured strange highlights of supports missing shots, destroying Pylons and Winston reloading. Needless to say, fans were not impressed.

Overwatch players mock Dragons for bizarre highlight reels

Right off the bat, players and fans began to criticize the team for publishing these highlight reels that really didn’t do much to make the pros look good.

“Wall of shame,” one remarked.

“We hitting platinum this season,” joked Overwatch 2 Twitch streamer Warn.

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“It takes talent to make an OWL player look mediocre, this is one of the most impressive highlight reels of all time,” commented Florida Mayhem GM Albert ‘yeHHH’ Yeh. “It gets better the more time you watch it back, no way the video ends on him missing a heal and shooting a f**king pole.”

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Some even accused the team of using AI to make the highlights or that they were bad on purpose to advertise for an editor position. Others felt the team was phoning these in, citing reports that this will be the final OWL season.

The Dragons are one of the three remaining Chinese teams in the league following the departure of Chengdu. Overwatch is currently not even available in China due to Blizzard not coming to an agreement with publisher NetEase.

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That said, it’s not known if the lack of playability for Overwatch in China is to blame for the “mediocre” highlights being posted.

Here’s hoping that the next batch of highlights will be better than these once the Play-ins to decide who qualifies for the 2023 OWL playoffs begin.

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