Florida Mayhem Announces Significant Changes to Overwatch League Roster

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Florida Mayhem have announced sweeping changes to their Overwatch League roster.

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Of the team’s Season One roster, only three players will be returning with the Mayhem for Season Two, with six being released from the team.

The change is the most drastic of all the teams except for the Shanghai Dragons, who released eight players. Though the Dragons were the stand-out poor performers of Season One, failing to win a single series, the Mayhem were the clear next-weakest, winning just seven of their 40 matches.

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The following players have been released from the Florida Mayhem roster:

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  • Andreas ‘Logix’ Berghmans
  • Tim ‘Manneten’ Bylund
  • Johan ‘CWoosH’ Klingestedt
  • Sebastian ‘Zebbosai’ Olsson
  • Aleksi ‘Zuppeh’ Kuntsi
  • Joonas ‘Zappis’ Alakurtti

Of the original Mayhem roster, only Kevyn ‘TviQ’ Lindström remains, alongside Ha ‘Sayaplayer’ Jeong-woo and Kim ‘aWesomeGuy’ Sung-hoon, who joined in the mid-season signing window.

Florida Mayhem CEO Ben Spoont revealed on Twitter that the team had run extensive try-outs over a period of months to determine which players would remain and which would depart the team.

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With eight new teams joining the league for Season Two, it’s likely that players with Overwatch League experience will be in high demand, so both the former Mayhem players and released players from other teams could well return for Season Two under new banners.

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Florida Mayhem will have until September 9 to finalize any transfers with other Overwatch League teams or sign players from their Contenders team, Mayhem Academy, to the OWL roster. After that, they will have to wait until after the exclusive window for expansion teams closes on October 7 to sign free agents.