Overwatch players discover how to ride the Oasis cars without dying

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players have discovered how to reliably ride on the cars zooming around Oasis City Center to flank and reach the other side of the map without dying.

The cars on City Center have been a novelty since Oasis was added to Overwatch back in 2017 and it didn’t take long at all to discover they instantly take out any hero in the game.

In addition to being deadly, players then found you could ride on top of them, but this little maneuver also usually ended in your death under regular circumstances. 

It’s taken a little while, but it finally seems a reliable way to taxi across the map without throwing your life away has come to light.

Blizzard Entertainment
The cars on Oasis are basically mindless killing machines, but that just means they can be easily outsmarted.

In a clip making the rounds on Reddit from ‘thexboxlucio,’ it seems that the trick is to drop straight down onto the cars’ back windshields or roofs. Obviously, this means that a hero like Soldier or anyone lacking vertical movement abilities will have a tough time pulling it off.

For heroes like Pharah, Echo, Lucio and others, things are a bit easier, but it will still take a bit of practice as once you get your aim down, you then have to time it right to land right on a moving car.

They are moving pretty quickly, no doubt about that, but the good news is that they spawn pretty frequently. So while you are basically trying to hit a moving target while falling through the air, the chances of one being there when you need it actually aren’t that bad.

Next up is the dismount, and it’s crucial to remember here that the cars take a 90-degree turn at the halfway point of the map. If you don’t get off in time, you will die, simple as that. Luckily hopping off at the health pack is pretty simple, and if you’re Lucio you can even wallride to the area outside the enemy spawn.

We can’t really recommend using your ult to skip across as thexboxlucio did in the clip if you manage this during an actual match, but it’s a nice way to link back up with your team quickly without exposing yourself to the lines of sight that enemy DPS usually watch.

We won’t kid you, this is a pretty niche little move to pull out, but you are guaranteed to impress your teammates if you manage it without dying. So if you find yourself tiring of the regular Overwatch grind, why not load up a skirmish on Oasis and try this out? You might even use it in a game someday.