Overwatch hacker mocked for tattooing cheating software logo on his chest

Michael Gwilliam
Sombra loading hacking software

An Overwatch hacker went to great lengths to ensure he would have a “lifetime subscription” to cheating service, even tattooing the software’s logo on his chest.

Overwatch is known for having quite a fair amount of cheaters and part of the reason is software being easily available.

Mohamed Al-Sharifi, an individual dedicated to exposing and shutting down hackers, posted a screengrab from a Discord channel discussing the tattoo using his Anti-Cheat Police Department Twitter account.

As it turns out, the users got the tattoo as part of a contest where the winner would earn a lifetime subscription.

“Yes, it’s real we got videos how they made that tattoo,” the admin wrote. Attached was a photo of the tattoo on the contest winner’s chest.

Interestingly, it seems like the cheat software itself isn’t even that great. “I got this cheat detected around roughly 4-6 times,” Anti-Cheat Police Department laughed. “This is a wow. I am speechless.”

Speaking with Dexerto, Anti-Cheat PD further explained what the cheat did and if it was really worth a chest tattoo.

Reinhardt uses earthshatter
Get ready for the ban hammer.

“The cheat has aimbot/wallhacks/auto skills,” he said and revealed how Overwatch players could use it to automatically Blink into Melee as Tracer or automatically Dash into low-health enemies with Genji.

“It can also auto block Shatters or sleeps if you play Reinhardt,” he added. “But this guy’s account is 100% detected.”

According to Al-Sharifi, the cheat is “mid-tier” and only costs $10 a day for hackers to access as it’s been detected several times already.

Cadet Tracer blinks on King's Row during Uprising
The tattoo was part of a content for an Overwatch cheat.

Regardless, it just goes to show how insanely desperate some cheaters can be that they’d actually be willing to get a tattoo of the software.

As always, if you ever encounter a potential cheater in your games, be sure to use the report function.

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