Super slams Blizzard for “abandoning” Overwatch after recent experimental patch

Twitch: supertf / Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch pro Matthew ‘super’ DeLisi has blasted Blizzard, claiming the developers have “abandoned” the game ahead of Overwatch 2’s release. He stated November 30’s experimental patch “is the most fun” he’s had “in forever”, and wants Blizzard to “pump some life into the game”.

It’s not exactly a secret Overwatch players are holding out for Overwatch 2, with the sequel’s release promising plenty of new features to refresh Blizzard’s hero shooter.

However, players have criticized developers for neglecting the base game in the process. With delay after delay pushing it further away in the future, and nothing new dropping to stave away the content drought, there’s increasing apathy in the community.

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A surprise experimental patch on November 30 has breathed some life into the game though. Blizzard worked with content creators and pros to re-balance the game, and players have even asked for some of the changes to stay.

Reinhardt Overwatch 2 designBlizzard Entertainment
Overwatch’s November 30 experimental patch included big buffs for Reinhardt, giving the tank two charges of his Fire Strike.

Overwatch pro Super agrees, claiming it’s just “that easy” to keep the game alive, but for some reason Blizzard refuses to.

“This is what makes me mad: Do you see how easy it is to pump some life into this game? Why have [Blizzard] abandoned it? Is that crazy? They’re now leaving it to die for Overwatch 2,” he said on a December 1 stream.

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“This is the most fun I’ve had playing Overwatch in forever, and now I get nothing because I’m over here, with my thumb up my ass, waiting for Blizzard to give me something with Overwatch 2. We don’t get any new heroes, we don’t get funny new experimental patches like this, we get one deathmatch map nobody cares about.

“This is so easy to keep this game rolling, but they just don’t do it for some reason. Why?”

The star’s outrage resonated with Twitch fans, who agreed in chat with his claims. As it’s an experimental patch, it’s unlikely any of the changes on the card will ever make it into Overwatch.

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However, as Overwatch 2’s release continues to be pushed back, players’ appetite for more content only grows ⁠— and Super is waiting.