Overwatch easter egg found in World of Warcraft


An eagle-eyed World of Warcraft player found a homage to Overwatch in the online multiplayer RPG, and it’s pretty charming.

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Released way back in 2004, World of Warcraft is one of the top online games of all time, and grossed a gigantic $9.23 billion in revenue by 2017. 

Blizzard Entertainment has since made many other titles since WoW, so it should come as no surprise that the developer has included references to its other games in the MMORPG.

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Overwatch in World of Warcraft

An attentive Overwatch fan found a homage to two much-loved characters in the multiplayer RPG, and shared his findings to Reddit.

User ‘Owlero’ uploaded a video captioned “Today I learned there’s Junkrat and Roadhog easter egg in World of Warcraft” and showed off their findings.

In the clip, two non-playable characters can be seen standing around: one named Junkbrat, and one named Roadtrogg – an obvious reference to the DPS and Tank characters.

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(Mobile viewers, click here for the clip.)

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The Junkrat character is a little gnome with a blonde mohawk, a bomb, and dynamite strapped to his chest, and he holds a flamethrower – a close resemblance to the anarchist from Overwatch.

Roadtrogg is a trogg and sports a gas mask, much like the real hero in the FPS. He doesn’t look as much like the actual character as the Junkrat homage does, but it’s still a clear reference.

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The two WoW characters can be found in Bondo’s Yard on Mechagon Island, and are tied to a quest named ‘WANTED: Junkbrat and Roadtrogg.

In the mission, players must eliminate the pair as they’ve been causing havoc and “consuming Improbable Mechano-Chicken Wings without payment.” The quest has a recommend party size of three, meaning that it’s best not to take them on alone if you’d like to try your hand at facing off against them in battle.

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In terms of WoW coming to Overwatch, the FPS is actually getting two MMORPG-themed skins: Illidan Genji, and Tyrande Symmetra.

In order to unlock them, players must purchase a BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket, which can be found on Blizzard’s official web shop for $49.99.

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