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Overwatch developers confirm D.Va buff to be included in patch 1.45

Published: 8/Jan/2020 5:45 Updated: 8/Jan/2020 5:46

by Brad Norton


D.Va has been the subject of many iterations over the years in Overwatch however Blizzard has teased that balancing is far from over as the Tank hero is set to receive another slate of buffs in an upcoming patch.

Patch 1.45 is right around the corner and Blizzard has been teasing what the Overwatch community can expect with the next wave of balancing updates.

On January 6 Jeff Kaplan teased that Baptiste’s Immortality Field has been a large focus behind the scenes, and off the back of those comments, developers have been quick to tease another character that is bound for change with the spotlight now on D.Va.

Blizzard - Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va was a member of the initial cast of characters featured in the launch of Overwatch.

Taking to Blizzard’s very own forums on January 7, Overwatch developer Josh Noh responded to a post surrounding the popular Tank hero and addressed a change that will be implemented in the next patch.

“We’ve actually been playtesting a Boosters cooldown reduction recently,” he outlined. Currently set to a five-second period, D.Va’s Boosters provide a great deal of mobility for an otherwise slow-moving and grounded tank. 

Reducing the cooldown would allow her to maneuver around the map, challenge for high-ground control, and generally be a more difficult target to hit with much greater frequency. Admitting that the idea initially “sounded kind of intimidating on paper,” Noh ensured that the change actually “hasn’t been that crazy in practice.”

BlizzardThe full comment ensures that D.Va will be adjusted in the near future.

At first, the developers implemented a three-second cooldown that allowed “D.Va to play the midfield more freely, which works well with the current 10 meter Defense Matrix range.” 

Until a full set of balance updates is released, it’s impossible to gauge quite whether D.Va will work her way back into the meta due to this adjustment.

“Some version should make it to the next [Public Test Region] cycle,” the developer concluded. Patch 1.44 was implemented across the PTR on December 11, 2019.

Given that more hints are popping up with each passing day, it’s likely that the upcoming 1.45 patch is right around the corner. It remains to be seen whether this drastic D.Va alteration will make it into the update in time, however, or slip into a patch further down the line.

Blizzard - OverwatchWhile D.Va hasn’t seen a great amount of play throughout the current double-shield meta, the hero could be returning to the front-lines soon.

D.Va has been an integral component in a number of previous meta-defining compositions though none more prevalent than the divisive GOATS period

Whether the Tank will see a resurgence in play or remain a niche pick depends on just how significantly her kit is reworked. It’s evident, however, Blizzard is unhappy with D.Va’s current state, so expect more changes to be outlined soon.


Sneaky Overwatch spot makes Genji the ultimate flanker on Hanamura

Published: 21/Nov/2020 0:54

by Theo Salaun


Genji was already one of Overwatch’s sneakiest flankers, but then the game’s players discovered an absurd spot on Hanamura that lets you simply defy physics to dive behind enemy lines. 

Genji is a slender, bionic ninja with speedy abilities and, typically, a penchant for subterfuge. There is perhaps no spooky sight more familiar to Overwatch’s beloved support players than an enemy Genji who has stealthily snuck past their tanks and DPS teammates to seek out blood.

On a normal day, the metal menace uses some combination of his speed, wall-climbing, and dashing abilities to enjoy unique flanking routes that are difficult for enemies to predict or counteract. But, a recently exposed Hanamura trick allows him to suddenly surprise the back line on Point A.

Hanamura’s Point A features a central structure enclosing the point, which is shaped rectangularly, with four wide openings and numerous gridded windows. There’s a big bell in the middle of the point and the whole thing feels very elegant. Still, this new Genji trick can ruin the peace enjoyed by enemies standing near the bell.

To all my fellow Genji players I found a nice way to dash right into the enemy backline from Overwatch

As shared by ‘Yeast_chanxxx’ on Reddit, a Genji can stand atop the balcony facing Hanamura’s Point A structure and use his dash ability to slice through the gridded window. This allows you to bypass the traditional chokes of the main point and get right into the action. It requires your dash to be available, your angle positioning to be accurate, and, in the future, will likely require a patch.

This trick has to be entirely unintentional, as even players’ bullets have trouble traveling through those windows. If it’s difficult for an attacker to shoot through those wooden grids to destroy a turret sitting behind, then it doesn’t make any sense that a 35-year-old ninja can slip through them instantaneously.

Overwatch Genji in-game
Blizzard Entertainment
Genji is bigger than a bullet.

For now, the spot remains in the game and Genji mains who frequent Reddit will be sure to try and take advantage of it. Although some, including a commenter who goes by ‘Inuit195,’ may simply not want to abuse the glitch.

Inuit195 had a simple question when they first saw the video of the bugged, physics-defying trick: “Wait can you be banned for using this glitch?”

The answer is likely no, as Blizzard have typically sought to address glitches by patching them out of the game rather than by punishing people who use them. For now, fans are eagerly awaiting an answer: is Genji able to shapeshift or is this a bug?