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Overwatch’s Bastion joins the LAPD with an insane skin concept

Published: 27/May/2021 16:50

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch already has police-themed skins for D.Va and Brigitte, but one fan has decided to give DPS hero Bastion an LAPD-style rework.

Overwatch’s resident omnic defender has become a character that people either love or hate. Rarely mained but often whipped out as the jaws of defeat close it, he’s become synonymous with desperation.

To try and combat this, the robotic hero and his feathered friend Ganymede will be receiving a full rework going into the game’s hotly-anticipated sequel.

A new installment means new skins, and one Overwatch fan has designed an insane concept for Bastion that many would like to see in-game.


Bastion in turret form in Overwatch
Bastion’s turret form can be an absolutely nightmare if played correctly.

Overwatch fan creates LAPD Bastion skin

To show Bastion a little bit of love before Overwatch 2, one artist has shared a masterfully constructed skin idea for the DPS hero.

The brainchild of concept artist Jarold Sng, we see the robot transformed into a heavy enforcement unit for the Los Angeles Police department. Having been given a fresh lick of white paint as well as a red and blue siren on each respective shoulder, we’d put our hands up if this LAPD officer tried to arrest us.

With ‘Police’ emblazoned across his upper arms and legs, he’s got a serial number (one, of course) sprayed just above where a normal officer would wear their badge.


Imposed upon a realistic backdrop, at first glance this concept easily looks like a scene from a cop or sci-fi thriller. It truly is a pretty intimidating sight.

LAPD Bastion by Jarold Sng from ImaginaryOverwatch

As noted, there’s already a whole collection of law enforcement-themed skins in Overwatch.

With D.Va and Brigitte each having their own dedicated officer skins, it’s about time we saw a DPS hero enter the fray in their footsteps.

So, if you’re a member of Talon or the Deadlock Gang, you had better watch out. Officer Bastion is coming for you, and he’s authorized to use lethal force…