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Overwatch career profiles get massive upgrade in PTR update

Published: 24/Jun/2020 1:22

by Bill Cooney


A new Overwatch PTR patch includes some major changes for how players’ career stats and profiles are displayed in-game.

June 23 already had a retail Overwatch update that buffed D.Va and nerfed several other heroes in Experimental mode, but it also included some PTR changes to the game’s UI.

Specifically, the changes were made to player profiles along with how stats are displayed – and some of the  adjustments are things Overwatch players have been requesting for years.


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Apart from the new look, game mode playtime has been added to the overview section, so we can see exactly how much time we’ve spent in each individual mode like Mystery Heroes, UNO and of course Competitive Play.

Our stats are now displayed on the PTR in format that’s easier to read, separated into “Average per 10 min,” “Best,” and “Total,” which should make it much nicer to look at.

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It will be smoother than ever to check on your achievements after this update, since they’re now grouped by category, and can be filtered between the ones you’ve earned and what you still have to unlock.


Without a doubt though, the biggest change by far in this PTR patch is the ability to sort player icons by category, specific heroes, or if you’ve earned them yet or not.

This might seem like a trivial change, but it’s definitely welcome news to every player who’s spent precious minutes searching for that specific year one Halloween Terror Icon to flex with in your Competitive matches.

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Apart from the new-look profile, Junkrat’s experimental card changes from the June 23 Overwatch retail patch were also included, but it’s unknown why only his made it to the PTR and not D.Va, Brigitte, or Ashe’s.


There’s no exact date yet for when these updates will make it to the main game, but updates usually stay on the PTR for at least a couple of weeks before developers send them live. Whether or not we’ll have to wait that long for these profile changes remains to be seen, but at least we know they’re finally on the way.