Overwatch 2 player hits rank 1 in NA, Europe and Asia with surprising hero main

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An Overwatch 2 player has managed to reach the peak of Season 4’s ladder on the three main servers at the same time while maining quite the unorthodox hero.

Saudi Arabian Overwatch 2 streamer and semi-pro player Yazan ‘YZNSA’ Alsubhi is one of the in the world and showed just how above the rest he is by completing a major challenge.

YZNSA has been dominating the OW2 ladder since the game’s launch and as far back as the first game, he’s been tearing up the skies with his trusty Pharah gameplay.

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Despite taking on the best Widowmakers, Cassidys, Ashes and Anas that the globe has to offer, on April 27, the Saudi struck oil when he reached rank 1 in Asia, North America and Europe at once.

Pharah main dominates Top 500 in OW2’s NA, Asia and EU servers

In a post on Twitter, YZNSA uploaded screenshots of the Top 500 rankings across the three servers with himself firmly positioned at the peak of the leaderboard.

With just 43 games played in Asia, YZNSA had the least matches compared to the others in the top 10, but it was enough to hit the number one spot.

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In Europe, he switched it up a little bit, playing more Echo than Pharah, but once more, had the least games played in the top 10, this time with a staggeringly low 34.

North America saw Alsubhi compete in 145 games, but still dominate once again with the Pharah, beating out even Overwatch League pros for the prestigious position on the leaderboards.

Amazingly, he didn’t stop there. You might think his Pharah and Echo are all he can thrive with, but YZNSA proved doubters wrong. Returning to Europe, the Saudi managed to reach the sixth-ranked spot without his mains.

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Instead, he played Sojourn, Sombra, and Mei on his quest and earned his spot in a mere 34 games. Absolutely stunning.

We’ll have to see if YZNSA ends up getting signed to OWL given his impressive track record, but in the meantime, he’ll be looking to claim a Contenders title with Triple Esports – a team currently undefeated.

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