Overwatch 2 players outraged by Halloween cosmetics costing more than OW1

Overwatch 2 halloween skinBlizzard

The Overwatch 2 community is outraged at Blizzard after the reveal of pricing for the upcoming Overwatch 2 Halloween event cosmetics, which one player claims “feels more like a Halloween sale rather than a Halloween event.”

In Overwatch 1, players used to be able to earn cosmetics for free through randomized loot boxes. To compensate for free cosmetics, the original game cost money to purchase. Blizzard made the sequel free to play, but in order to do so they removed the loot box system alongside the ability to earn free skins.

Instead of loot boxes, Overwatch 2 requires players to purchase each skin individually using coins. These cost real money, with no method to earn them for free by simply playing the game.

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The Halloween skins’ prices, which are exclusive to the event, are causing an outrage in the Overwatch community.

Community upset over Overwatch 2 Halloween Skin Prices

The in-game store for Overwatch 2 reveals the prices for the Halloween event exclusive skins. There are bundles and individual skins sold – but not every cosmetic is available for purchase individually.

Kiriko’s skin is locked behind a bundle, which cost 2600 coins. This is the equivalent of roughly $26. Witch Kiriko comes with a weapon charm, highlight intro, player card, and a name card.

Overwatch content creator Niandra expressed their opinion on the pricing.

“I would have much less of an issue with OW’s monetization if all skins could be bought separately for just 1900 coins,” they stated.

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The Witch Kiriko bundle isn’t the only bundle which has players frustrated.

Defenders of the Castle comes with Coffin Bastion, Dragon Symmetra, Flying Dutchman Sigma, and Gargoyle Winston. These skins look pretty impressive, but they’re old cosmetics which were previously earnable for free on Overwatch 1.

Defenders of the Castle costs 4400 coins, which is roughly $44.

“44 dollars for 4 old skins,” competitive Overwatch player Siarhei “Bogur” Alekau tweeted.

$44 is more than Overwatch 1 cost at many points of it’s life. Outside of its original launch price of $59.99, Overwatch 1’s price saw significant drops – even going on sale for $10 during certain periods of time.

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The prices are so high players are begging for free loot boxes to make a return in Overwatch 2.