Overwatch 2 players want simple private profile change to stop “wasting time”

Michael Gwilliam
winston growls in ow2

Overwatch 2 players fed up with constantly seeing teammates and opponents with private profiles are requesting Blizzard implement some simple changes to improve games and reduce toxicity.

Private profiles are a controversial topic in Overwatch 2 with some players not wanting to show their career stats while others prefer knowing the rank of others in the lobby and what heroes they main.

Before the implementation of private profiles, it was common for players to go over the profile of everyone else in a ranked game and make team hero refinements as well as create a battle plan against their adversaries.

Now, with private profiles more common than ever and fans not knowing if a profile is private until they check it, players have an idea to fix the irritating issues.

Simple private profile change would improve Overwatch 2 games

In a popular thread on the official Blizzard forums, user Mefionir suggested an easy quality-of-life change to the UI that would make private profiles less annoying.

“I often see people who consult the profiles of other users to always find themselves ‘private profile’. Well, let’s make this more straightforward in UI,” the player wrote.

The simple solution suggested would be to include a “lock” icon to show that a profile is private before others click on it.

OW2 Brigitte
Players think they found a compromise for private profiles.

According to the user, this would prevent players from wasting time. Additionally, they suggested outright removing the option to view a profile if it’s private.

Fellow players agreed with the concept. “This shouldn’t be difficult to implement so regardless of priority, this should be a QOL change that goes in asap,” one replied.

“I just don’t wanna waste my time clicking view profile and it saying ‘private.’ Like, okay, cool. Why didn’t I have this information before I clicked it?” said another.

“This totally makes sense, I’m really tired of clicking into each player’s profile in comp to check my rank ELO, and seeing 80% of them being set to private,” someone else remarked.

Whether or not Blizzard implements these changes remains to be seen, but with the devs frequently making quality-of-life improvements, hopefully, we’ll see it added sometime in Season 4.

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