Overwatch players want changes to private profiles for OW2

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Players are calling for one of Overwatch’s most controversial features, the addition of private profiles, to be completely changed when Overwatch 2 eventually launches.

Private profiles have been a controversial topic ever since they were first added to the game, giving players the option to hide their stats in order to avoid toxicity.

While this may seem like a good idea in theory, it also means that players can’t see what heroes their fellow teammates typically play as and can create frustrating situations if there is a lack of communication.

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With an Overwatch 2 beta rumored to be launching sometime in February or early March, fans are hoping to see some changes made to private profiles.

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What will Overwatch 2 do with private profiles?

Players want revamped profiles in Overwatch 2

In a post gaining traction on Reddit, users began asking why private profiles still exist with many debating the need for them.

“All they do is hide boosted players and make it difficult for players to build compositions in competitive,” the original poster ‘Willingness-Due’ wrote. “It’s no longer an Overwatch cardinal sin to play Sym, Torb, and Hanzo.”

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Some responded claiming that the “toxic player base” was to blame, but others dismissed those arguments stating that toxicity would exist regardless.

“People on private usually get trashed on because people think they’re hiding low ranks,” a player quipped.

“It should be open to your team and hidden from the opponents,” another suggested.

“Honestly would rather private profile players to not be able to see my own public profile. Like it or not, you do have a nice advantage of nobody knowing what you like playing as if it is active. It’s not the most frustrating thing in the world, but it goes to show how bad they are at handling the game’s toxicity issue,” a Redditor proposed.

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It’s unclear what Blizzard has planned with private profiles for Overwatch’s long-awaited sequel, but hopefully we can get some concrete news in the days or weeks ahead as a rumored beta fast approaches.

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