Is Overwatch 2 getting a Battle Royale? Secret “Survival” mode discovered in Custom Games

overwatch-2-battle-royale-hidden-custom-modeBlizzard Entertainment/Twitter/SFShock

Blizzard could be dipping its toes into the battle royale scene as Overwatch 2 players discovered a new game mode in the Custom Games menu.

A few hiccups plagued Overwatch 2’s October 4 launch. “Unexpected Server Errors” and server disconnects prevented players worldwide from accessing the highly anticipated hero shooter sequel.

Blizzard responded and confirmed a massive DDoS attack caused the server issues. If you were one of the lucky players to get in, You would immediately notice the game’s full plate of new offerings.

The most significant changes in Overwatch 2 are 5v5 gameplay, tank changes, new heroes, and new maps. A new addition flying under the radar is a game mode that takes inspiration from other battle royale titles.

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Overwatch 2 Junker QueenBlizzard
Overwatch 2 arrived on October 4, 2022.

Overwatch 2 players discover potential battle royale game mode

Overwatch news account Overwatch Cavalry shared an image of the new Survivor game mode in the Overwatch 2 Custom Games menu.

They said, “the mode is currently only available in Custom Games and has settings mentioning a ‘Circle’ that closes over time (Battle Royale style).”

In the settings for Survivor, you can adjust the modes circle close speed, circle close start timer, final circle radius, and score to win.

Blizzard acquired Proletariat in June, the development studio behind the magic-driven battle royale Spellbreak.

Spellbreak’s servers are scheduled to shut down in early 2023. Blizzard moved Proletariat’s 100 developers to World of Warcraft’s production team. Blizzard never confirmed how much of the team’s work would be reflected in Dragonflight’s patch content.

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World of Warcraft Dragon Flight launches in November. It will be interesting to see if Blizzard employs the help of outside help for a potential battle royale. For example, 11 studios reportedly helped develop Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

We will provide an update once we have more concrete details surrounding Survival.