Overwatch 2 players think they spotted an Elder Scrolls easter egg on new Rammatra skin

Eleni Thomas
Overwatch 2 Elder Scrolls header

Eagle-eyed Overwatch 2 players have pointed out what they think is a hidden Elden Scrolls Oblivion Easter Egg that can be found on the cape of Rammatra’s new skin, with gamers loving the reference to another beloved franchise.

While Blizzard may be focused on producing new Overwatch 2 content at this point in time, there is no denying that the gaming company has a major other body of work when it comes to other fantastic IP. The most famous and beloved of the bunch are the likes of World of Warcraft.

However, the company has seemingly made reference to another major franchise, one that actually falls outside of its umbrella. In a fun little nod to Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls world, it appears that Blizzard has dropped in a tiny Easter Egg from Oblivion for the new Rammatra skin.

The cosmetic, which puts the hero in a trendy new cape, includes a series of symbols and markings all over. One such marking appears to be the Elder Scrolls Oblivion logo itself.

Overwatch 2 players spot Oblivion Easter Egg in new Rammatra skin

One player posted an image of the design on Reddit, captioning the thread “Did Blizzard just use the Oblivion symbol on Rammatra’s cape?” The post, which now has over 100 comments, is filled with players quoting iconic lines from Oblivion and pretending as though Rammatra is the one delivering the lines.

One user wrote that the Easter Egg is a “pretty cool reference since that’s the conjuration symbol which involves necromancy” while another explained how “Oblivion is and will always be my favorite game of all time.”

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While it is quite common to see mentions of other popular games appear in other franchises, this Oblivion easter egg is one that fans have been quick to point out and appreciate.

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