Overwatch 2 players fed up with “unplayable” quick play matching Top 500 with Silver

Liam Ho
Sojourn in OW2 Cinematic

Overwatch 2 players are fed up with the matchmaking for quick play games, with some taking to Reddit to report Top 500 players appearing in their Silver lobbies.

Blizzard’s popular hero shooter Overwatch 2 is a game with deep skill expression. Not only is aim key to winning, but cooldown management, ultimate tracking, positioning, and general game sense are equally important. These all need to be kept in mind while playing the chaotic 5v5 shooter and contesting whatever objective the map asks for. As such the player base of Overwatch 2 can be easily split into skill tiers or ranks.

Overwatch 2 offers a competitive mode for those willing to grind out the ranks. As per usual you’ve got the metal ranks to represent the lower part of the player population with Masters, Grandmasters, and Top 500 capping off the ranked ladder. This ladder can take many many hours to climb and truly tests the skills of the players attempting to climb it. The higher up you go, the stronger the potential players you face.

On the flip side, quick play is the complete opposite of competitive. Quick play offers players a more casual experience where nothing is on the line. It’s by far the best mode to hop in and play some games without feeling the stress. However, that’s not quite true according to some Overwatch players, who are fed up with the current matchmaking for quick play.

Overwatch 2 players frustrated with current quick play match making

Redditor Ihmu shared their opinion about quick play’s matchmaking to the Overwatch subreddit.

“Opinion: Quickplay matchmaking should not allow Top 500 players to be in games with silver players under any circumstances,” the post’s title reads.

Ihmu continues their post by explaining their point of view, claiming it’s ‘unplayable’ when lower-ranks are matched into lobbies with Top 500 veterans, even if quick play.

“I understand quick play is casual, and I don’t even mind losing, but it makes the game unplayable in the most literal sense of the word. You can’t enjoy any aspect of the game when a 25k damage Sojourn pops your entire team in the head every time you spawn,” the post continues.

Sojourn in OW2
Sojourn is one of the strongest heroes in the hands of a capable player.

Often times a one-sided match in Overwatch 2 can feel really bad for the players being stomped, especially with someone at the peak of the player base. That’s why Ihmu would prefer if Blizzard made the highest-rank players wait a bit longer so that the majority of players get fair matchmaking in quick play.

“I’d rather that 90% of the player base gets fair matches and make top players wait a long time in quick play than a tiny percentage of the best players getting to farm all the low elo players in my games. I can’t even play to enjoy the game with my friends.”

Much of the player base seemed to agree with Ihmu, with players in both Platinum and Diamond not wanting to be matchmade against Top 500 players either.

byu/Ihmu from discussion

These complaints have put Blizzard in a precarious position, as they’ll only be able to please one side of the player base no matter what they change. However, there’s no telling if or how Blizzard makes changes to the quickplay matchmaking.