Overwatch 2 players take aim at the game for “bad” weekend matchmaking servers

Eleni Thomas
Overwatch 2 weekend matchmaking

Overwatch 2 fans have noticed that matchmaking servers during the weekends are not at the same standard as throughout the week, with players voicing their concerns and issues throughout Reddit.

At release, Overwatch 2 was plagued with issues. From long wait times, glitches and more, fans were furious at the state of the game on release.

And while developer Blizzard has been hard at work to get most of these issues sorted, fans are still noticing that matchmaking is facing multiple issues, particularly in regards to its Ranked servers over the weekends.

In a new Reddit thread titled “Are weekend games always so bad,” one user posed the question to the Overwatch community by explaining their recent experiences with the game.

“Played about 7 – 8 games & there’s always a handicap in the team(feeding, troll, throwing etc). Anyone can relate?”

The thread was then flooded with players, all of who agreed that matchmaking on weekends seems to struggle in comparison to how it operates throughout the week.

One commenter wrote, “Yes. That’s when all the newbies have free time to play. My best games are during the weekday in the morning, mid-day or late at night. Evenings suck cause that’s when everyone is out of school or work and playing.”

While another offered up a much more extensive breakdown of the situation and how they have been trying to combat the bad matchmaking taking place over the weekend in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 players frustrated by weekend matchmaking servers

“I set a rule for myself of only 1-2 losses before I switch roles or change games. Losing streaks and winning streaks tend to compound. So if I’m starting to lose I want to stop and come back later and hope for better play from me and my team.

This season I’m feeling like I’m forced 50-50. I’m playing just as well as last season if not better and I’m regularly going 5-5, 5-6, 5-7 and it’s really hard for me to overcome my team’s shortcomings. Constant staggering, 1v5’s etc. Yesterday as mercy I told my team I would not go in until everyone was there because we kept staggering, and they accused me of throwing. (I had the most healing, least deaths and solid dmg boost) but I refused to keep staggering.”

byu/joao789 from discussion

Time will tell if Blizzard addresses these issues and find ways to make matchmaking throughout the weekend more balanced given the increase in players.

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