Overwatch 2 players fed up with unbalanced Competitive want to “give up”

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Overwatch 2 players are becoming incredibly frustrated with the state of Competitive Mode and the inconsistent matchmaking is making them want to quit.

As always, there is plenty of fun stuff coming up in Overwatch 2 with the PachiMarchi event on the horizon. Not only that, but plans for Season 4 are already being outlined as we build up to the next seasonal content drop.

Players feel that some of these additions and changes are only masking some of the problems rooted in the game’s core – particularly with Competitive Mode.

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It’s nothing new to hear players complaining about the state of the game mode, but a recent video has highlighted just how problematic the game mode can actually be.

Competitive Mode matchmaking “can’t be enjoyable” for Overwatch 2 players

A brief but blunt Overwatch 2 post on the official subreddit called out the state of the game’s Competitive Mode saying: “This is legitimately making me want to give up on comp [Competitive].”

Along with this sentiment, the user showed a video comparing both teams from their last game of Competitive.

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The user’s team mainly consisted of players in both Gold and Silver, whereas the opposing team featured players mainly in Platinum and even Diamond.

This is a huge gulf in class, comparatively speaking, and replies on the post explained how this is a common issue: “I’m Diamond, and today I had what was obviously a new player in my ranked game, like, come on. Can’t be enjoyable for him and neither for the team.”

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One player described the lack of balance as “just vile,” and another even thinks Quick Play is unguarded: “You’re not even safe in qp [Quick Play] anymore, if anything, it’s much worse there. I’m trying to chill but nope, queued into another T500/GM player that’s just casually wiping their a*s with the lobby. What the f*ck is the point of a 1-minute queue if the resulting match makes me want to uninstall?”

No matter the response given by the devs or assurances that changes are being made, Overwatch 2’s Competitive Mode is causing frustration.

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While the devs are plotting Team Fortress 2 crossovers, players are desperate for big changes to be made, more so with Season 4 on the way.

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