Overwatch 2 Season 9 frustrates players as projectile changes break headshots

Liam Ho
Overwatch 2 promotional splash image

Overwatch 2’s 9th season has frustrated players after the changes to projectiles break the ability to headshot certain heroes.

Season 9 of Overwatch 2 has finally begun. The new season brings a heap of changes to the hero shooter, including a soft reset to all player’s ranks, a new Champion rank, and more. All these changes have easily made it one of the biggest seasons to hit the hero shooter, significantly shifting up the title.

Alongside the slew of changes came a change to projectiles, which made them easier to hit across the board. This had a bit of the player base up in arms, who argued that it would make the game easier and not reward good play.

Now with the patch finally live players have realized that certain heroes can no longer be headshot due to the increased size of certain projectiles.

Heroes like Baptiste are now seemingly impossible to headshot, as the increased projectile size has resulted in them colliding with their arm instead of their heads. Because Baptiste places their arms somewhat close to their head, projectiles like Genji Shurikens no longer land on the Support.

Players were clearly frustrated with the changes, wondering what the devs were thinking.

“Like genuine question, did they even test the before releasing it?” one player asked.

Others complained about the game catering too much to casuals now, with players needing to shoot above heroes’ heads to land headshots.

“What happens when you cater to casuals a little too much”

“Legit have to shoot above the head on purpose to make sure you get headshots now,” one pointed out.

It’s uncertain if this non-existent headshot hitbox is a bug or not, with the patch only being live for a couple of days, so it’s likely will be putting out fixes for these issues soon.