Overwatch 2 player calls out major issue with new Jade Weapons

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring Doomfist with Jade Weapons in Overwatch 2.Blizzard

Jade weapons have yet to be released in-game yet, but one player has already noticed one major issue regarding them.

Jade weapons will be one of the new additions introduced in the ninth season of Overwatch 2, aside from rank changes, leaver penalty updates, and new role passives.

While some players claimed that they welcomed the new color addition, the majority of players didn’t seem too keen about it, going as far as slamming the Metallic Green color scheme as “hideous.”

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However, that’s not the only criticism the new weapons are getting so far. One player has pointed out a significant issue regarding the weapon’s color.

In a Reddit thread, the user showcased what a Jade Weapon looks like to a Red/Green color blind person, comparing it with how it would look normally.

Much to their surprise, the altered colors of the Jade Weapon heavily resemble gold weapons already in the game.

“I was a tad disappointed when I saw the new Jade guns because they look almost identical to the Gold guns to me. Do I really care? No, but it still may be sorta interesting to see the comparison,” they explained.

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Seeing this comparison image, many players in the comments couldn’t help but poke fun at the decision to use Jade as the newest color.

“We have gold at home,” one person jokingly said, while another referred to the Jade weapons as “Gold 2.”

A screenshot featuring Mauga with Jade Weapons.Blizzard

“I’m sorry, but this made me crack up. All this hype from the dev team just to give you the same thing,” one user said.

Meanwhile, another user couldn’t help but wonder, “Why tf should we care about getting a green gun when we could just get a gold weapon.”

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Aside from people roasting the weapon’s color, a person who claimed to be partially colorblind gave their own insight in the comments.

 “I don’t get the point of these; why not make them a customizable color, which would be so much cooler and more accessible to people with full colorblindness,” they suggested.

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