Overwatch 2 players blast Doomfist tank rework

Ryan Lemay
Doomfist Overwatch 2 tank

Overwatch’s heroes have seen several iterations in the game’s six-year lifespan. The Overwatch speedrun community worries about Doomfist’s tank rework and offered a solution.

Buffs and nerfs are a common practice for rebalancing first-person shooters; however, Overwatch differs in execution. Branded as a “hero shooter,” Blizzard has fundamentally changed heroes in the past and may do it again for Overwatch 2.

The Overwatch 2 developers revealed potential plans for reworking, Symmetra, Mei, and other characters. For example, Changing Mei from a DPS character into a tank role wouldn’t be off the table.

However, not all reworks have been successful, with Symmetra as a prime example. Since Overwatch’s initial launch, Blizzard has been trying to nail down a proper role for the polarizing hero.

Some community members want a way to rewind the clock and play as previous iterations of heroes in Overwatch 2 custom matches, especially a very vocal community segment.

Doomfist on Lijang tower
A community of Overwatch players developed playing Doomfist parkour maps.

Overwatch 2 players demand legacy heroes in custom matches

An Overwatch player requested a way to use an old version of Doomfist in custom matches for parkour maps.

The user claimed Doomfist’s tank rework in Overwatch 2 would make it harder for players to host custom speed run lobbies because of fundamental changes to the hero’s movements.

They stated, “A Doomfist tank rework will destroy the foundations of Doomfist parkour that we have built over the last four years.”

A proposed solution would add legacy Doomfist for custom games and other heroes. They argued that “adding a legacy option for Doomfist and other heroes would benefit these communities and workshopping in general.”

The Overwatch community embraced the idea as One user said, “actually, one of the coolest ideas I’ve ever Seen. Please make this real Blizzard.”

A second player expanded on the idea and proposed an “overwatch classic arcade mode where we play as the earliest version of a released hero on the earliest versions of maps and game modes.”

One of the dedicated speed run community members shared, “as someone with 500+ hours in doom parkour, this would be incredible. I was wondering what would happen to it.”

Overwatch’s small and loyal speed-run community would love their voices to be heard.

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