Overwatch 2 players blast Blizzard for not addressing “terrible” Symmetra nerfs

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Players have slammed Blizzard over Symmetra’s Overwatch 2 nerfs after a forum post by devs failed to address the negative feedback.

Overwatch 2’s second beta included a ton of new changes compared to the first beta period earlier in 2022.

Unfortunately, not all players are happy with the beta so far, as Blizzard nerfed several heroes like Symmetra and Mercy much to fans’ dismay.

Now a forum post from devs has confirmed Symmetra’s nerfs are here to stay and players have slammed Blizzard in the replies.

Players not happy with “terrible” Symmetra nerfs

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Symmetra has undergone a lot of changes over the years – moving from a Support to a Damage hero – but fans are seriously unhappy with her rework in Overwatch 2.

Blizzard Community Manager Jodie posted to the General Discussion forums on a topic titled “Beta Week One: Comments from the Overwatch team.”

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The post announced the team is planning “more in-depth updates next week” but wanted to clear up miscommunication with Symmetra’s patch notes.

According to the post, the team incorrectly labeled Symmetra’s Teleporter range in the patch notes and clarified the mistake before going on to address the negative feedback about Mercy and Moira.

While some were happy to hear Blizzard is looking into Mercy and Moira, many were upset about the lack of attention regarding Symmetra’s controversial rework.

Overwatch 2 forum screenshot

“I really hope you’re aware of how terrible she feels as well,” one forum user replied. “Unnecessary compensation nerfs that made her perform even worse than before.”

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“Seems a bit tone-deaf to not comment on the overwhelming negative feedback regarding Symmetra’s nerfs,” Another player commented, which echoed a lot of feedback we’ve seen on the changes so far.

Of course, some players were happy to hear Blizzard acknowledged the complaints about Mercy and Moira in the current beta, while others claim the company isn’t doing enough.

Overwatch 2’s second beta period ends on July 18, and there’s still a third test scheduled before the game comes out on October 4, so Blizzard very well could address player feedback surrounding Symmetra. But for now, it looks as though Symmetra’s controversial rework is here to stay.

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