Broken Overwatch 2 ‘super bounce’ Mercy trick makes hero impossible to shoot

Brad Norton
Overwatch 2 Mercy gameplay

Although the latest Overwatch 2 Beta removed Mercy’s ‘super jump’ trick, players have already found a suitable replacement and perhaps even an upgrade in what’s being coined a new ‘super bounce.’ Here’s how it works.

With the launch of the second Overwatch 2 Beta came an enormous balance pass impacting a wide range of heroes. From D.Va buffs to controversial Symmetra nerfs, plenty of the game’s most popular characters were changed to some degree.

Though it can be argued that none changed more than Mercy, as she had her Guardian Angel ability tweaked in a move that many have claimed to have “massacred” the hero.

No longer able to use the super jump tech to maneuver through any given fight, Mercy mains had a tough time to start the new Beta. Though just days after the patch went live, a new, potentially better trick has emerged. One that makes the agile Support an almost impossible target to hit.

Described as a ‘super bounce’, this newly discovered Mercy trick allows players to rise and fall in quick succession. Rather than just one simple leap towards the sky, Mercy can now alternate back and forth, high and low, in mere moments.

From the enemy’s perspective, Mercy becomes an extremely difficult target to track, let alone shoot down. Given the speed of her movement, it takes the focus of a full team just to put an end to the bouncing.

In order to use the trick, you first have to ensure your toggle for the Guardian Angel ability is set to ‘off’. When in combat, simply use the ability as normal but quickly press your jump button until its cooldown ends.

From there, you’ll trigger the Guardian Angel effect once again, before the cooldown ends if you time it right, and you’ll be able to loop the ability over and over.

As such an extremely powerful trick, it’s worth keeping in mind that the super bounce likely won’t be around for long. There’s a slim chance this was an intended effect with the new Mercy changes, thus, don’t expect it to be around for all too long.

Moreover, as this is just another Beta period for the upcoming sequel, things could drastically change before we get to the full release on October 4. But for the time being, if you’re in the Overwatch 2 Beta, expect to see Mercy’s across all maps and modes abusing this new tech.

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