Overwatch 2 devs confirm big changes to Symmetra and Torbjorn’s turrets

Michael Gwilliam
torbjorn on eichenwalde

The Overwatch 2 team has revealed that nerfs are on the way to Torbjorn and Symmetra’s turrets in the game’s next patch, but the heroes are going to get buffed in other ways to compensate.

Torbjorn and Symmetra can be two of the most frustrating heroes to deal with for some players, and a big reason why is due to their turrets that target enemies automatically.

In the heat of battle, targeting Torb’s turret can be a nuisance, especially when it’s firing away freely, building a ton of ultimate charge in the process. The same can be said for Symmetra’s turrets, which can drain HP swiftly if they’re not dealt with.

In a developer blog, Game Director Aaron Keller revealed that the team will be making some adjustments to the two and how their turrets will be toned down.

Torbjorn and Symmetra balance changes planned for OW2 patch

According to Keller, there will be quite a few updates coming in the mid-season patch, with the team addressing Sojourn’s Railgun primary fire spread, Reinhardt and Orissa as frontline tanks, and nerfs to Zen’s Discord orb.

However, one of the biggest changes the dev brought up have to do with Torbjorn and Symmetra, remarking how both heroes are going to be modified a bit.

symmetra charging fire
Symmetra’s turrets are finally getting nerfed.

“There are more hero balance changes coming in the mid-season patch, which include shifting power for Torbjorn and Symmetra away from their turrets and into the rest of their kit,” he said.

This implies that the turrets will be nerfed, though it’s not clear how. Symmetra’s turrets don’t have very much HP, so it’s possible their damage gets lowers while Torbjorn’s turret health could be updated.

As for the buffs, there are plenty of ways the devs could make Torb and Sym more powerful, such as buffing the Swedish hero’s alternate fire or even providing new utility to Symmetra’s teleporter.

We’ll have to wait and see what the team has in store, but the mid-season patch is looking to be a big one, especially considering it will also include a long-awaited OW2 team queue ranked mode.